To get there ... a double meaning. Because to get anywhere, we have to do it together!

We grow
Growth is at the heart of our company because we are a grower of fresh herbs. We are driving growth for our customers and partners in business and we value personal growth for our employees. We are eager to learn, continuously moving forward and improving.

We care
We value relationships. And therefor we are extremely committed, loyal and humble. Caring about the health of consumers and the well being of our team members. Spreading some daily love and attention!

We inspire
At Vitacress Real we like to do things different. We have an entrepreneurial spirit always innovating though experimentation. Constantly searching for new ways to surprise our customers and to inspire the world with real, natural taste.

We smile :)
And last but not least we’re convinced that the fun factor is crucial. We like to look at the bright side; we are optimisticproblem solvers. That’s why we are always positive and do
things with a smile 😊

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