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with an eye for detail...

Herbs with quality!

Every herb has its own characteristics, which our quality controllers pay extra attention to.
Trained and with an eye for detail, they ensure that the best herbs reach our customers.

Quality system

We care about our products and cultivation companies. That is why we give our cultivation companies advice on what they can improve, but we also let them know if they are doing well. This is to bring the quality together, to a higher level.

Simply the best!

The very best herbs

Enjoy herbs that you can trust. That is our promise and commitment to our customers.

Fresh herbs

We're in control!

Tracking & Tracing is an important facet to guarantee quality. Every year, therefore, we have our cultivation and packaging locations checked independently. For example, all our growing companies are at least Global G.A.P. certified. Our packaging location is IFS and ISO 9001 certified.

To get there...

We care

We do not do it for the money, fame, wealth. We do this because we care about the health of the consumer, the well-being of our team members and all the people we work with. That is why we always treat our partners well and with respect.


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