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with an eye for detail...

Herbs with quality

All herbs and seasonings have unique properties... one herb likes a temperature around 10 degrees and there are other herbs that do better at a temperature around 3 degrees. To ensure that all herbs reach our customers in the best possible quality, our quality team ensures the necessary attention and love.

Quality control

Everything we do, we do with a good dose of love and attention. Starting with caring for our herbs... because only then can we make life healthier, cozier and tastier!

Together with our cultivation companies, we look at how we can improve the growth process, make it smarter and raise the level to a higher level for both parties every time.

Simply the best!

The very best herbs

Letting people enjoy herbs with the best quality, that is our promise and commitment to customers. Because we want to let as many people as possible know and experience that fresh herbs and flavors are super healthy and delicious. With the aim of making everyday life a bit healthier, cozier and tastier. With what taste can we surprise you?

Fresh herbs

We're in control!

Tracking & Tracing is an important facet to guarantee quality. That is why we have our cultivation and packaging locations independently checked every year. For example, all our cultivation companies are at least Global G.A.P. certified and our packaging location is IFS certified. We also try to produce as sustainable as possible with an eye for nature, climate and animals and therefore we proudly wear the PlanetProof quality mark.

To get there...

we Care

Every day we spread our love and attention to our relations, herbs and our employees. We value relationships, treat everyone around us with respect, and are extremely committed, loyal and humble. We truly care about consumer health, the well-being of our team members and all the people we work with. And everything we do, we do with love and attention.


Our herbs are truly green!


We make sure they get to our customers with as much love and respect for people, animals and the environment as possible. We continuously strive for the most sustainable packaging options possible. Herbs are fragile fresh products from the land; therefore, packaging is very important. It contributes to the shelf life and preservation of quality, which reduces food waste. We have done research on the grammages for certain packages. Based on this research, we offer quantities that match most recipes. In case anything is left over, our packaging offers sufficient protection to ensure the fresh herbs can enjoyed later.

We are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to make our packaging facility as sustainable as possible.

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