Vitacress Wesmile
Always with a smile

Employees with passion

Every day we work hard to improve our performance. A little better every day. That is our motto. This is only possible with a close-knit team of people who are passionate about what they do.

Why is working at Vitacress Real so great?

Our young, energetic and dynamic colleagues with many different nationalities all radiate the same values. When you enter our building you taste the freshness and energy. Central are four values that are felt within all our colleagues. We grow, We care, We inspire and We Smile.

Discover our core values
Tom Tom Sales Manager Foodservice
Tom 2021
Emilia Emilia Marut Quality Manager
Emilia QC 2019
Martin Martin Business Information Manager
Martin IT 2019
Ranjen Ranjen Head of Sourcing, QESH & Innovation
Ranjen Sourcing 2019
Stijn Stijn Production Manager
Miranda Miranda Greenhouse Cafe Employee
Miranda Greenhouse new
Tijs Tijs Human Resource Manager
Tijs HR 2019
Aneta Aneta Assistant Production Manager
Aneta LL
Geert Geert Operations Manager
Geert Productie 2019
Manon Manon Quality Assurance Officer
Manon 2021
Loek Loek Financial Controller
Loek Finance 2019
Mia Mia Greenhouse Café Employee
Mia Green House 2019
Renée Renée Marketing Manager
Renee Marketing 2019
Susan Susan Finance Director
Suzan Finance 2019
Anna Anna Senior Quality Controller
Anna QC 2019
Karolina Karolina Senior Operator
Karolina LL 2019
Radoslaw Radoslaw Team leader Logistic
Radek Logistiek
Chantal Chantal Finance support
Chantal finance
Carlijn Carlijn Sales Trainee
Carlijn 2021
Asia Asia Senior Operator
Niek Niek Logistics Coördinator
Kevin Kevin International Key Accountmanager Retail
Kevin 2021
Agnieszka Agnieszka Assistant Production Manager
Agnieszka Productie 2019
Karol Karol Teamleader Logistics
Ties Ties Supply Scheduling Specialist
Bas Bas Key Acccountmanager Retail
Guus Guus Supply Scheduling Specialist
Bart Bart Operational Excellence Manager
Samim Samim Supply Chain Manager
Bartlomiej Bartlomiej Senior Operator
Marta Marta Senior Operator
Tomasz Tomasz Assistant Production Manager
Julia Julia Assistant Production Manager
Anna Anna Senior Operator
Sylwia Sylwia Assistant Production Manager
Loek Loek Data Analyst
Patrick Patrick Sourcing & Purchase Coordinator
John John Demand Planner
Marlijn Marlijn Talent Development Specialist
Ton Ton Supply Scheduling Specialist
Koy Koy Coordinator Technical Services
Anna Anna Senior Operator
Anna S
Izabela Izabela Senior Operator
Daniël Daniël Operations Scheduling Specialist
Daniel 2021
Nina Nina Key Account Manager Foodservice
Nina 2021
Guido Guido Commercial Manager
Guido 2021
Martijn Martijn Coordinator Technical Services
Martijn 2021
Paulina Paulina Senior Quality Controller
Daphne Daphne Supply Scheduling Specialist
Daphne 2021
Fanny Fanny Sourcing & Purchase Coordinator
Fanny 2021
Cyril Cyril Application Specialist
Cyril 2021

We like to come up with fresh ideas

Within our marketing department we continuously look at new possibilities to stimulate the use of herbs. We do this specifically for customers.

Let us inspire you!
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