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Local pride

Our growers

Our herbs are grown in-house. This is done under different conditions and through different cultivation techniques.

Always fresh and the best quality

Thanks to a sophisticated cultivation program, we ensure that our customers receive the best and freshest herbs all year round, from areas where the product grows in the most natural and sustainable way.

Pot herbs

In addition to cut herbs, we grow 17 types of fresh herbs in pots. From basil to chives and from chervil to coriander. Our pot herbs meet the highest demands in terms of quality and assortment.

To get there...

We grow

We are not only growing on the herbs that we grow. We believe that if we ensure that we attract the right people to help us grow (skills, competences, self-confidence), they will ensure that our client's business grows, leading to the growth of our company and that of our partners.

Our European growers network

We grow sustainable and prefer to get our herbs as close to home as possible. That is why we grow from a European network and we have growers in several countries. With our sophisticated breeding program, taking into account weather conditions, we ensure that we can deliver the best quality herbs all year round.

Our growers meet high standards

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