#Snif #Snif Are you starting to catch a cold or have you caught the flu? Then try to deal with your cold in a natural way by using fresh herbs. The old-fashioned spice cabinet works wonders!

A cup of tea is always a good idea!

A cup of hot tea does wonders for your body, especially if you make it with delicious fresh herbs! For example, crush 2 lemongrass stems in your glass and pour boiling water over it. Lemongrass is a booster for your immune system if you have a starting flu or a cold.

Do you suffer from a tickling throat? A tea made of oregano, sage or thyme does wonders for your sore throat. So say goodbye to that cough!
Are you not into experimenting with other fresh herbs in your cup of tea and do you prefer to keep it familiar? Then go for a large cup of fresh mint tea!

Mix it!
Are you not a tea fan at all, but do you want to tackle your cold with fresh herbs? Then parsley might be your salvation. This herb is a fantastic antioxidant against various diseases. It is full of iron and has a cleansing effect on your body. For example, throw some fresh parsley over your dinner or mix it in a blender with some fresh fruit and yogurt. Delicious and good to get back on top quickly.

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