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we inspire, every day again

Creating added value

In line with our mission to reach as many people as possible and convince them of the power of fresh and natural taste, we come up with concepts that: stimulate ease of use, reach new target groups, improve store presentation, introduce new uses and bring innovation to the category.

Together we create new ways to present herbs

We want to inspire our customers. As a result, we are constantly looking for new ways to connect our products to the needs of our customers and consumers. We apply the starting points of the category management matrix.

To get there...

we Inspire

Raising the bar together! We like to do things differently ... We have an entrepreneurial spirit: always innovate by experimenting. In doing so, we are constantly looking for new ways to surprise our customers and inspire the world with real, natural flavor.

We inspire by setting a good example. We offer each other opportunities to do new things and innovate. In this way we actively share our performance and knowledge and we trust and coach each other (empower). What is possible today, we do today. Because we work together to create success for everyone.

Vitalicious: exclusively for the food professional

Are you a cook and ready for some "Greenergy"? Then you are at the right place at Vitalicious! Vitalicious is Vitacress Real's label that focuses entirely on premium quality fresh herbs and natural seasonings for the food service market: wholesalers, catering and catering. Tasty innovation for the food professional is the starting point in everything we do.

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