Packaging options

Our herbs are daily fresh and of the best quality. The right packaging extends the shelf life and quality, because unpackaged fresh herbs do not last as long. Because unpackaged fresh herbs have a shorter shelf life. Good packaging prevents herbs from being thrown away quickly and prevents food waste. Packaging is also all-important for the consumer. Packaging must be attractive, functional and sustainable. As Category Captain, we specialize in providing the right packaging for both retail and foodservice. Our packaging solutions:

Cover (pot herbs)

For the pot herbs, we designed a sustainable cover: a compostable sleeve without a pot! The sleeve for potted herbs is intended to protect the leaves during transport. Because the sleeve completely covers the product and can be printed as desired, it is an ideal communication tool.

Blister with lid (recloseable)

A blister packaging is a plastic container for small amounts of spices. The blister is provided with a lid, made of the same material as the container. Because of this lid, the packaging is easily resealable, and because of that suitable for multiple use.

Hersluitbare schaal
Recloseable packaging

This container is suitable for many herbs. Because of the removable lid, the herbs are easy to store. This packaging is usually used for fresh tea boxes or as a gift.


A topseal packaging is a plastic container which is sealed on top with foil. By using an innovative foil developed by us, the herbs can continue to breathe during their journey to the consumer. It is possible to make the topseal packaging resealable. This allows the consumer to use herbs in portions. The label is lasered in most cases.

Flowpack2 klein

With a flowpack packaging, herbs are wrapped in film which is then sealed at the top and bottom. The label is in most cases a sticker of a material desired by the customer. A flowpack packaging can also be offered resealable.

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