Packaging options

We understand the role of packaging when a consumer stands in front of the shelf. As a category captain, we are specialized in creating attractive packaging that knows how to grab and hold attention. Below a selection of our current packages. But if you have another request, just let us know!

Sustainable packaging

We are always looking for innovative ways to pack. Packaging with as little plastic and biodegradable packaging as possible. We are constantly looking for new opportunities.

Display packaging

Display boxes protect the herbs during transport and are real eye-catchers because the product remains visible on the shelf.

Cover (pot herbs)

The cover for pot herbs is meant to protect the leaves during transport. Because the cover completely covers the product, it is also an ideal communication tool.

Blister with lid (recloseable)

A blister packaging is a plastic package for small amounts of herbs. The blister is equipped with a lid so that the herbs can easily be closed.

Hersluitbare Schaal
Recloseable packaging

This package is suitable for a large quantity of herbs. Thanks to the removable lid, the herbs are easy to store and this packaging is ideal as a gift or especially for food service.


Top seal is a plastic package which is sealed with foil on top. The foil contains microperforation, allowing the herbs to continue to breathe during their journey to the consumer. This packaging is largely made of recycled material.


With a flow pack, the herbs are wrapped with foil that is then sealed. The packaging is oxygen-depleted and packaged under a protective atmosphere.

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